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Supremacy CD

STATS: 1649 Files, 57 Folders.
Download size: 669,506,012 bytes (670MB)

Hubba-hubba! This is one groovy CD. While it contains mostly games they are the games that really defined the ST, they're not the early classics but the more recent titles like Alien Thing Expert, Bomb 'X', The Chaos Engine, Gobliins 2, Ishar Trilogy, Jim Power, No Second Prize, Obsession, Robinsons Requiem, Sheer Agony, Substation, Vroom Multiplayer, Zero-5 and plenty more.

These are perhaps the games you never got to play on your ST because you'd left it for pastures new? The games are split into 2 types - the "single games" where you have one game per ZIP file (or mutiple zip files) and also compilations - this time 200 Fuzion Menu Disks with 3 or 4 games per disk. The ZIP file contents vary - sometimes they'll contain MSA files (quite often infact) and other times they actually contain the games (i.e. the .PRG files and data) so will need copying onto a virtual ST hard drive and then turning into a disk image if you want to use with an emulator.

This does mean that this CD isn't as easily "accessible" as the others listed here, but the contents more than make up for the extra bit of work you have to put into it. As well as all those games though there are also 544 demos and disk mags on here too! Again it's a lot of the "less classic" stuff - so you'll see demos like "Core Flakes", "Cozmic Jam", "Crush Your Mind", "Bugs in Space", "Super Gumi Gut 2", the Hemoroids Speedy Packs, 34 Industrially Safe disks, "Japtro", "My Socks are Weapons" and lots lots more. To really top the CD off though there are also utilities ranging from 1st Word and the 3D Construction Kit to ZZ Rough and the RazRez Player. Lots of programming utilities and applications, lots of graphics, packers, source, rippers and just about anything useful you could ever think of. Just look at the contents list!

This CD has been updated to exclude games still commercially on sale by 16/32 Systems

Supremacy CD Download Image

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Please note that you can just un-zip them onto your hard drive,
you do not need burn to CD first.

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