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STATS: 1622 Files, 10 Folders.
Download size: 674,063,280 bytes (674MB)

This CD is truly amazing. Never before has there been such a great, well collected mix of Atari ST software in one place. Everything from games to demos to utilities to applications to animations to clip-art! All catalogued and well organised with a good contents list making finding the titles you want easy. But just what is on here? Simple - pretty much everything from the STs glory days.

The games collection for a start is different in that it doesn't feature "compilation disks" like the other CDs but instead single-games. These are true ST classics such as Thrust, Starglider, Ice and Fire, Goldrunner, Gauntlet, Barbarian, Corruption, Test Drive, Xenon, Oids and many more. Nearly all of the games on this CD are MSA files - but because they are usually just one game per MSA file it means the files are small (200k-400k on average) and therefore can be easily copied onto a DSDD disk and put into a real ST without any hassle or messing around! A God-send for those who still use their grey boxes of wonder :)

Moving on from the games we enter the realm of the demos. Again this CD is full of the real ST classics, everything from the BIG Demo, The Amiga Demo, FNIL Demo, Whattaheck, Cuddly, Punish Your Machine and more. Then we have what look like 141 Clip-Art disks! But moving swiftly on we hit the application software. Oh wow! You name it, it's probably on here. NeoChrome, Degas Elite, 1st Word, Aegis Animator, Spectrum 512, Protext, Art Director, NVDI, Timeworks, Cyber Control, Minix, Cubase, Notator, Masterscore, etc etc (you get the picture). Programmers are well catered for - lots of software and lots of source code, most packages you could think of (DevPac, Turbo C, ...) and code to test with them.

There are also MOD files, fonts, archivers, packers, depackers, trackers, disk magazines, PD, doc files and plenty more. This single CD will most likely keep you going for months on its own. One thing I will mention though is that it's a very German CD - this doesn't matter for the vast majority of the content, but you will find a lot of the help files or some of the application software is in German. Nothing a good pocket dictionary can't handle mind you and hey - wasn't that always the way?!

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