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ST Format Collection

STATS: 702 Files, 9 Folders.
Download size: 159,422,684 bytes (159MB)

Who can forget the classic Atari ST magazine ST Format? This CD contains every cover disk they ever published spanning 86 issues. Disk contents are provided as both .ST files and also in raw disk file format so you can load them into Steem or copy them to your hard drive. Also included is an entire HTML index complete with contents list, disk label scans and more. A fascinating collection of titles from over the years - lots of which were exclusive to the cover discs and didn't make it into the PD (and sometimes cracking scene) circuit.

ST Format Download Image

$2 USD €2 Euros £1 GBP
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All downloads are single ZIP files. They contain all of the original CDs contents.
Please note that you can just un-zip them onto your hard drive,
you do not need burn to CD first.

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