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Monster CD Volume 1

STATS: 26,836 Files, 3,607 Folders.
Download size: 368,519,343 bytes (369MB)

Description from the CD read me file: You will find many useful programs compiled on this CD for use with the Atari brand of computers. Some software may run on other Atari 16 bit computers and clones. For example the Mega ST2,ST4, Mega STe, Falcon or TT030. Although it may run it is not guaranteed that it will be totally compatible with any of the above computers. There maybe some extra work needed to get these programs to run on your Atari computer.For example, you may need to copy files from the CD-rom to a Floppy disk or your hard drive. Some programs may run directly from the CD-rom, although it is not guaranteed that this will work. The safest method of checking to see if a program will work is to copy it from the CD-rom to your Hard drive or to a floppy disk.

Each folder represents the catagory from which the program was archived. Navigating around should be very simple and straight forward. As far as the dealer and creator knows everything on this CD-Rom is FREEWARE AND SHAREWARE. If something is found to NOT be as such please let the dealer or creator know and we will try and update our archives as such. As far as we can tell we have taken every precaution possible to ensure that everything is legitamit. For obvious reasons it would be almost impossible to go through and locate every person that created every program to find out if these programs were FREEWARE OR SHAREWARE. In some cases we did get permission to put the latest versions of some programs on this CD-Rom. For example PHOTOTIP, ANIPLAYER, FALCAMP and many others just to name a few!!!!!! Where ever possible please support the authors of shareware programs. Because of them our Atari machines are still usable to this day and will continue to be usable well into the future!!!! So without there help it would be impossible to do what we are able to do with our Atari computers. As far as the dealer and creator can tell any shareware programs are unregistered versions of the software and must be registered if you use a program on a regular basis. SUPPORT SHAREWARE WHEREVER POSSIBLE!!!! Thank you.

Monster CD Volume 1 Download Image

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