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The Little Green Desktop CD 1

STATS: 1194 Files, 36 Folders.
Download size: 655,978,199 bytes (656MB)

The LGD CD is a mirror of the entire LGD web site including our old file servers. This means you get full collections of games from: The Pompey Pirates, Automation, Flame of Finland and The Medway Boys. That is some serious game playing!

It also contains over 73 hours worth of ST soundchip music in the form of the complete ST Sound Archive (+ complete midi collection, players and tools).

The documents section carries the entire collection of Sewer Doc Disks and Technical References including the Atari Compendium, 68k Programmers Reference, Coding tutorials and chip documentation.

The emulators folder has Atari ST emulators for the PC (DOS and Windows), Acorn, Macintosh and Unix. This includes all released versions of PaCifiST including the rare debug-builds, all versions of WinSTon, Steem, StonX, Fast, Echo, TOSBOX, NoSTalgia, PowerST, STem and more! There are also loads of GUIs and front-ends including AssiST, PaciDragon and others.

The "misc" area has a great collection of Atari related toys for your PC. Items include Atari icons, boot-up pictures, shutdown screens, loads of cursors and mouse pointers, Fuji Boink Screen Saver, Atari image convertors and viewers graphics and fonts. It also contains file conversion software such as makedisk, msatost, sttomsa, imgbuild and others.

We also have all the TOS ROM files that LGD carries including all International versions.

Finally there is the entire LGD web site. For those interested I have zipped up the whole site - all of the PHP3 code, scripts, gifs, html files - everything that makes LGD what it is today. The only thing missing is the admin password! This is a great resource for any budding web developer or those who just want to see how LGD works. It also means you get all of the graphics from the site including every screen grab of all the Automation, Pompey, Medway disks etc and all uploaded screen shots from Stardust.

LGD CD Download Image

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All downloads are single ZIP files. They contain all of the original CDs contents.
Please note that you can just un-zip them onto your hard drive,
you do not need burn to CD first.

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