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Chaos Engine Demo CD 2

STATS: 1508 Files, 75 Folders.
Download size: 580,380,158 bytes (580MB)

If you thought there were a lot of demos on the first CD - you'd be right. But this CD takes it even further! Reaching out to the STE and Falcon030 we're now entering a more varied demo environment. In the ST/STE folder you get Animations, Coverdisks, Games, Intros, Megademos, Picture Disks and Source Code disks. The megademos include STE classics such as Brain Damage, Grotesque, Manga Dreams, Tyranny 4 U and more.

The Animations folder contains classics such as the flying bird demo, shiny balls, fuji boink, Snowman and the Walker demos by Radical Systems. There is even a "Diverse" folder and the name couldn't be more suitable featuring the likes of Gortet (a hacked and improved version of Microdeals Quartet), Audio Sculpture, Degas Elite, PC Ditto, Intro Construction Kit, Neochrome, TCB Tracker and more.

You'd be forgiven for thinking that this was a lot in it's own right, but we haven't even dug half way yet. The rest of the CD contains a lot more! There are 50 STE games including Winglord, Blox, Grandad2, Heartland, Snacman and more. The MOD Files folder contains 80 mods (lots of Amiga rips, heh!) which are all real classics but there are also 181 XM modules (traditionally you'd listen to them on the Falcon, but on the PC Winamp or MODPlug are both happy with them). 78 wav files (or other sample formats) with very German names are in the "Samples" folder. "Graphics" contains 214 superb scene pictures, "Mags" includes a huge range of disk and ascii magazines (ST News, ST Plus, STOSSER, Maggie, Ledgers, DBA and more) and we've not even looked at the Falcon demo or games folders (perhaps when there is a Falcon emulator). Phew, I'm exhausted and so will you be after going through all of this.

Chaos Engine Demo CD 2 Download Image

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