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Chaos Engine Demo CD 1

STATS: 968 Files, 35 Folders.
Download size: 622,101,391 bytes (622MB)

Did you used to love ST demos? Then this CD is for you! A truly inspired collection of Atari ST megademos, intro compilations, sample demos, animations, slideshows, disk magazines and mod disks.

It includes classic megademos such as The Exceptions BIG Demo, 'Alf Megademo, Bloodsuckers, TCB's Cuddly Demos, ULMs Darkside of the Spoon, Inner Circles Decade Demo, Eat My Bollocks, Electra, European Demos, Fish 'n Chips, Flipo Demo, Froggies Over the Fence, Holocaust, HemoSound, Mindbomb, Oh Crickey Wot a Scorcher, Phalanx, Phaeleon Giga Demo, So Watt, State of the Art, Swedish New Year, Ventura, Vodka, XTV Demo, Yo Demo and many many many more!

This disk contains 205 megademos, 33 sample disks and most importantly of all - 723 demo compilation disks from 30 different groups. These compilation disks feature multiple demos (sometimes intros, sometimes cracked megademos) packed onto 1 disk. With each disk containing approx. 4-5 demos you could be in for 120 hours worth of ST demo viewing and that's if you only spent 2 minutes on each one!! Demo compilation disks include those by immortal packing crews such as POV, Stax, Animal Mine, Offbeat, Overlanders and more. All files on this disk are .ARJ files just like on the games compilation.

Chaos Engine Demo CD 1 Download Image

$4 USD €4 Euros £3 GBP
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Please note that you can just un-zip them onto your hard drive,
you do not need burn to CD first.

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